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Hank Haney, Tiger Woods & Popsicle-Gate

Of Hank Haney, Tiger Woods and Popsicle-Gate

Hell hath no fury like a golf instructor denied a popsicle.

Hank Haney’s tell all book The Big Miss hits the shelves today and could there be better timing, with Tiger Woods coming off his first win in two years and the Masters but a week away? And if the pre-release excerpts are any indication, the book on Haney’s six year reign as Tiger’s swing coach promises to be more scandalous than any of the previously revealed indiscretions that led to Woods’ fall from grace in 2009. Full story>>>

The Plague of the Rehash

“So I get to the 9th tee and I’m one under. It’s a shortish par four with water left but I figure I’ll hit driver so I’ll have a wedge in, see if I can make the turn at 2 under. So I aim down the middle looking to play a nice soft fade…” Are you wondering why I’m telling you this?  If you’re not you should be. The above dissertation is an example of something that has plagued the game of golf for centuries; something that can put a damper on the most jovial of post round get-togethers. It’s the dreaded rehash. Full story>>>

Tiger Woods Affair Disappointing? Not to me.

December, 2009. You may not have heard but for the last three weeks Tiger Woods has been embroiled in bit of a scandal. Just when you thought you knew the guy - brilliant golfer, consummate corporate pitchman, family man, philanthropist, fist pumper, tantrum thrower, spitter – came the revelation of the unimaginable. Tiger Woods is a fornicator! Full story>>>

What Sets Golf Apart

September, 2009. The recent Mike Weir rules incident at the Canadian Open got me to thinking about the rules of golf. Actually not so much the rules themselves, since much has been written about this topic by people who know a lot more about the rules than I. But I started considering the application of the rules and this idea that each player is expected to regulate him or herself. Sure in professional golf there are on course officials and video replays and viewers calling in but in the end the onus is still largely on the players to officiate themselves. Full story>>>

Gamesmanship. Getting Inside Your Opponent’s Head

February, 2007. The sign reads: Hole 14, 424 yards, par 4. Having again maintained the honour you confidently walk behind your ball and begin mentally rehearsing your tee shot. “Slight dog leg right, take it at the right edge of that bunker with a slight fade, nice and easy now, let’s keep this going; execute good balance, tempo, tempo, should leave nothing more than a 9 iron duck soup!” As you approach your ball a playing partner offers a seemingly harmless tidbit of information: “I was out here last week with Johnson and he blew one about 20 yards past the last pine tree -long!” Full story>>>

Irreverent Golf 101. Confessions of a golf “Prima Donna”

December, 2006. "My name is John Kennedy and I’m a Prima Donna”. These are the words I recite each week at the beginning of my Prima Donnas Anonymous (PDA) meeting. You see, the Prima Donna is never really cured. Dealing with Prima Donnaism is a life long battle of day-to-day victories and the occasional setback. It’s something I’m forced to deal with every day, or more specifically, during every round of golf. Full story>>>

Golf Vernacular. The Do’s and Don’ts of Golf Lingo

November, 2006. Okay. So you’ve finally been invited to play with the boss at his posh private country club. Or maybe the foursomes for the company scramble have just been posted and as luck would have it you’re in the same group as Chad, that hunk from accounting that you’ve been dying to meet. Or better yet, you’re a single at a local public course and the starter has just paired you up with three strangers... who are playing the tips! (Note: If you don’t know what “the tips” are, this article is for you.) Full story>>>

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