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Play golf year-round with these great indoor leagues and clubs!

Golf & Yoga

Pine View Sims

Indoor Sims at Pine View

What exactly is indoor golf?

Thanks to today's amazing technology, people in the Ottawa-Gatineau area can now play golf year-round! As you can see in the picture above, you use your own clubs and actually hit the ball, be it a drive, fairway metal, approach, chip or putt. Best of all, you get to experience some
of the world's most famous and incredible golf courses.

After you strike the ball, various sensors in the simulators figure out what kind of shot you just made and display the ball-flight on a video screen, and yes, these golf simulators are so sophisticated they even pick up your draws, fades, skulls, chunks, hooks and slices!

If you've never tried indoor golf, you'll be thrilled to know that it is
as close to the real thing as possible, but without the snow, sleet and biting winds. Give it a try at GOLFOMAX on Baxter Rd.

So, take that Mother Nature!
The game will be played no matter what
you may send our way!

Golf Events & Info

On Baxter Rd.

The new and improved GOLFOMAX is conveniently located just off of the Queensway (417) between Pinecrest and Woodroffe on Baxter Rd. in Ottawa's west end.

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GOLFOMAX Intro VideoGOLFOMAX Virtual Tour
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