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Expedia Cruise Ship Centers
Fusion Wear

Expedia Cruise Ship Centers

ClubEG’s golf get-away travel agent.

ClubEG conducts regular golf get-aways to places like Syracuse, Binghamton, Malone, Gananoque, Myrtle Beach, Ireland and the Caribbean.

These trips are open to ClubEG Members, guests and non-members, and you always have a choice of social or competitive golf. Whatever your preference, ClubEG Get-Aways are more fun than repeated birdie-putts!

Art Dowd of Expedia Cruise Ship Centers is our trip advisor and travel agent, so be sure to get in touch when planning your own get-aways.

Expedia Cruise Ship Centers

Meet Art Dowd: ClubEG Travel Agent
Art Dowd 460 West Hunt Club Rd.
Ottawa, ON
  • Direct: 613-850-9257
  • Cell: 613-850-9257
  • Center: (613) 226 9666
  • Toll Free: 1-888-824-9666 ext 1
  • TICO #50020996

Expedia Cruise Ship Centers.
Get-away with ClubEG!

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